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Having been abroad for so long, I have started feeling that my ties to my old home town Lappeenranta are getting weak, in fact I don’t particularly even like my old home town. I much prefer the town I was born in (Savonlinna), but we moved when I was only two years old.

But then there’s ice hockey, and suddenly now I’m finding myself being very attached to Lappeenranta again. You see, the local team, SaiPa, hasn’t exactly been spoiled with success, they have been a regular in the highest league but never won any medals. But still, SaiPa has always been my ”home team” and all through the years I’ve always gone to a match whenever they played a home game while I was in Finland. So now that SaiPa is in the playoffs, it’s a huge deal. Not only are they in the playoffs, but they’re leading in their quarterfinal series! Unfortunately they lost today’s match but they still lead by 3-1 in the series and the next match is a home game.


And you know what? If SaiPa plays in the semifinals, it means that they will be playing when I’m in Finland (I’m going for a brief visit at the end of next week). Tickets will be hard to come by, but I will try! The whole town has ice hockey fever so even if I don’t get to see a match, I will at least get to feel the atmosphere.

I bought that scarf in November and I’ve been displaying it on the back shelf in my car ever since. And will keep doing it, regardless of what happens in the playoffs now.

Go SaiPa!

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