I was supposed to drive to Lofsdalen today, I had everything prepared and packed. It had been snowing at night and the landscape looked very nice in the morning and I felt half sorry that I was turning my back on this but there just simply wasn’t enough snow to ski on in Föne so I had to go. When I got to Färila, I got seconds thoughts and realised that I could go to Harsa instead. All their trails are prepared and with this new snow, the landscape along the way would be nice as well. No need to go all the way to the mountains, when the best photo ops would be closer to home, in this kind of weather!

On the way to Harsa, I stopped at Milsjön. Always a nice spot, in every season.

Bridge at Milsjön
Bridge at Milsjön

When I hit the trail in Harsa, one thing was immediately obvious – I was overdressed. I was wearing clothes which were suitable for skiing up on a mountain but here in the forest it was too much. The gloves and the hat went into the bag and at the first best opportunity, I peeled off a layer. Much better after that!


There weren’t any wind shelters along the way but I found one moose hunting watchtower that was equipped with four walls and a bench and a small stove, perfect for a break. I just have to mention this – I have traded coffee for soup. Blueberry/raspberry ”Varma koppen”, absolutely delicious with the sandwich! From now on it’s fruit soup for me on winter trips, I mean as much as I love coffee, the soup really is a better choice.

I was a bit tired towards the end of the 15km trip (Not enough breaks? Not enough energy intake? Not enough condition?) but in my defence, my skis were gliding lousy. I had no ski wax and the snow was really sticky! Everybody and their brother passed me, gliding ahead where I had to push. I was also carrying a heavy pack, but it was still only half the weight of what it will be in March. I’m not amused.

Most importantly – no blisters!

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