I was going to buy a flower so I could shoot the buds, and then the developing flower, and then the withering flower, which was inevitably going to happen because I’ve never succeeding in keeping an indoor plant alive. Yes I know it’s ironic that a person who’s interested in flowers can’t take care of them, but in my defence, the flowers I have planted in the garden have done pretty well. Most of them, anyway.

But instead of a flowering flower, I got this aloe vera type of spikey little thing. Apparently, very easy to maintain – give it plenty of light, and water it every three weeks. On the other hand, I have also managed to (inadvertently) kill some cacti. But how do I provide plenty of light in the middle of the winter? And how will I remember in three weeks’ time that I have a little plant that needs water?

All very good questions. Expect to the find the answers right here!


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