The ski boot curse struck again. I used a Compeed to protect the spot that I thought might be chafing and went skiing and it felt very good. But by the time I got to Forsänget, I felt an all too familiar sting in my left foot. I took off the boot and inspected the spot but I couldn’t see anything wrong, however that sting just got worse so I decided to minimise the damage and went back home. I can’t destroy my feet when I’m going to the cabin next weekend, a big blister won’t heal in time. So when I got home and inspected the spot again, I found two tiny blisters which had formed along the edge of the Compeed. The damn Compeed that was supposed to prevent blisters! I’m sure the foot had been fine had I not tried to “protect” it… But if anything good came out of it, then it’s that I realised that my biggest problem is probably my skin, not the form of my feet or the ski boots. The skin is so sensitive that it reacts to even the smallest of problems, which would explain why I’m the only person I know who has had this much problems with chafing boots.

Anyway, these tiny blisters I have now are not going to be a problem next weekend. They are not hurting and I am convinced that they were caused by the edge of the Compeed so as long as I don’t apply any kind of tape to my feet, the ski boots will be fine.

And today’s picture, yes it’s crappy. My original plan was of course to do a longer trip with more photo ops, but just a couple of minutes after taking this picture it starting snowing wet snow that melted on impact. I could have dealt with the snow as such, but in combination with that sting in my foot, I was just miserable and wanted to give up.


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