Shutter shock

So I tested with the anti-shock setting in the E-M5 to see if I can stop the shutter shock effect. I’m not there yet, I did get a fair deal of soft pictures but I also got some sharp ones. Seems like exposure times between 1/40 and 1/100 are most prone to it. Weird, but I’m not gonna send back the camera for that, especially because the problem is not just with this camera, but with mirrorless in general. Oh and by the way, my explanation yesterday about the shutter shock wasn’t quite correct, not that it matters because the effect is the same regardless of what causes it… it being, the camera shakes just a little bit when pressing the shutter. Kinda like the mirror slap in an SLR, except without a mirror. I should do some testing in a controlled environment, but that’s just so … not me. I’ll keep shooting and see if I get any wiser.

Today’s picture is from the same spot as the ”second snow” picture from last weekend. The freezing temperatures have done their job.


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