Like I said, I go through my souvenirs in periods. For my first ever trip to the US (in 1994), I bought canvas patches. I flew to Atlanta to see a friend, but I don’t actually have a patch from Georgia… but I do have patches from Utah, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. Yellowstone is in the north-western corner of Wyoming so when you’re there, you can easily visit the bordering states. And Utah is because I flew from Atlanta to Salt Lake City to see another friend.


This is by the way the only time I’ve been in a car crash where somebody got hurt, and only time I’ve been in an ambulance (although I wasn’t the patient). We were on our way back thru Yellowstone, close to the Montana border. I was on the passenger seat and saw some… animals… (can’t remember which ones) and I think the driver got a bit distracted because we crashed into the car in front. Luckily we weren’t going very fast so nobody in the first car got hurt, but our back seat passenger hit his head on the seat. And you know how head wounds bleed… it wasn’t very pretty, but at least he was conscious the whole time. We had to call an ambulance though and our friend got quite a few stitches, and the car was junk which lead to a whole new adventure because we had to find a car rental in the middle of nowhere. And because my friend (the driver) had suffered a small concussion, it was up to me to take us back to Salt Lake City so that was the first time I got to drive a fully automatic car.

Apart from the accident, I have nothing but good memories from Yellowstone. And Salt Lake City is amazing… I remember this lookout where you can see the city spread out in the valley below and there was a thunder storm on the other side of the valley. Spectacular.

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