Not sure if I’ve ever mentioned it, but I started with photography because I wanted to use a ”real” camera on my safari back in 2000. And the reason I wanted to go on a safari was that I wanted to see all the animals in their real environment, after having seen them in zoos. I bought my first SLR as soon as I had decided to do a safari (I think it was December 1999) so I would have time to practise using the camera, but needless to say that I wasn’t exactly fully learned by the time of the trip. I didn’t have anyone who could tell me how it’s done, and even the Internet was not the beast it is now so there weren’t very many sites to get any information or feedback. 15 years ago, the primary way of connecting to the Internet was through a 56K modem! Not very practical to look at any page with a lot of pictures.


I often think about that trip and hope that one day I will do a new safari. As exciting as it was at the time, I now kind of think that it was wasted because I wasn’t able to take any good pictures (the very few good pictures that I did take were more down to luck than to skill). If I go on a safari again, I want to do it in the same place because regardless of the pictures I took back then, nothing changes the fact that Namibia is such a beautiful, tough, wild and desolate place that forever etched its mark on my soul. It would be betrayal to go anywhere else. And besides, there’s no need to go anywhere else for a safari – Namibia has all the wildlife you could ever want but only a fraction of the tourists.

Yes, I have to go back there. And take the pictures I wanted to take the first time around!

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