The first post of the month is also the last post of the month… I don’t think I’ve been this quiet since I started the blog. But there’s a reason for the downtime. My mother passed away on the 4th, I made it to Finland with two days to spare so I could see her in the hospital. She was unconscious by then but it was important for me to get there before it was too late, otherwise I would sit here with regrets. So in the end her fight against the cancer was very short, the disease was too advanced and she was physically quite frail even before it. Since there never was any doubt about the outcome, we all just wished that she would not have to suffer too much, and she didn’t.

We were able to arrange the funeral quite quickly, and I didn’t see any reason to stay in Finland after that so I came back a couple of weeks ago. I am a bit surprised at how well I’ve dealt with my mother’s passing, I think the biggest reason is that I was able to do much of the grieving while she still was alive. The end as such was expected and quite undramatic when it happened (I was there with her). So when the funeral was over, it was kind of a restart of my life as well. In the land of the living, life goes on.

Old boat in ice
Old boat in ice

I am really itching to take some pictures again, I mean actual ”photography-as-a-hobby” pictures and not just those snapshots from the funeral. November however is not a good month when you need inspiration… Last Saturday I went to the zoo but it was one of the less successful visits and I only got one keeper (not a very good one). On Sunday I did a long walk, and got one picture (not very good) for my troubles. And today I went for a long drive to discover new places, and after stopping at about ten different spots, the last one finally gave me a reason to take out the camera, not that the result is anything to cheer at.

November has always been my least favourite month. It still is.

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Lepää rauhassa äiti.

15.9.1939 – 4.11.2013

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