Nothing to do

What do you do when you have nothing to do? Go to the zoo, of course. Landscape shooting is not an option now that the leaves have fallen, I’m just waiting for the first snow to turn things around again.

Backlit musk ox
Backlit musk ox

I walked around the zoo twice today, just to get some exercise while I was at it. I didn’t need to spend a long time at any enclosure so by the time I reached the predators, it was so early that I figured I might as well go around again and get a 2nd chance with the animals. As it turned out, the first chance was better, except for the lynx – I was happy to see (and shoot) the lynx cub!

The bear was not in hibernation yet but it was clearly considering it, and it certainly looks like it has the body weight to get through the long winter…

brown bear
Ready for hibernation

As you can see, there was some snow in the zoo. It was very localised though, only in the shaded places and, well, only in the zoo. Didn’t see any of it on the way there and there’s definitely no snow in Föne.

It was a pretty good visit and in the evening I had another good session, shooting the full moon. I will need to talk about another subject that relates to the moon so I will create a separate post for it later.

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