I continued with sightseeing today, but this time with some members from the camera club. It was actually a mini-tour, we visited five different spots. It didn’t start out too well when we got to the first spot – it was supposed to be a fine view, but honestly, it was marginally better than what I see from my kitchen window. So I played Wordfeud in my car while the others were busy pointing their cameras this way and that.

Old sign
Old sign in the machine museum

The next stop was a junk yard that calls itself for a machine museum – they had old tractors, excavators and other machinery from days gone by. I’m not so much into machines, but all things old can provide some interesting details to study.

The third stop was really nice, it’s an old summer farm that is still being used so the place is well maintained. I would have liked to spend more time there, but the others seemed to be in a hurry so I will put this place on my to-do list. Could be well worth visiting in the summer with all the flowers anyway.

Old car
Old car in the junk yard
Old tires
Old tires

Then we drove to a junk yard. The line between a museum and a junk yard is very thin, but compared to this, the machine museum we visited earlier definitely earns to call itself that and this second place is pure junk. Still, always some details you can pick up, even if a sunny day does not provide the optimal conditions for this kind of photography.

In the last place that we visited, it seemed like people were mentally already going home because it was a very short visit. It’s a very old manor house (from the 17th century I think) and there would have been nice things to explore, but I guess I was mentally on my way home as well because I didn’t want to stick around when everyone else was leaving. Anyway, it’s another place that would be worth a new visit in the summer.

When I came home, I saw two big birds on the bird feeder. Spotted nutcrackers! I’ve only ever seen them once before, over 10 years ago in Ljusdal. They are a little bit too big for the nut feeder but they kept at it, and they’re not very shy either so I got my species pictures. The photo ops were awful though, this new feeder place really isn’t not suited for photography, especially on a sunny day. But never mind, I got a new species in my album!


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