When I said yesterday that I have done all the important stuff at the cabin, it wasn’t exactly accurate – I did have the blocks of firewood that still needed chopping before they rot away. I’ve been wondering how I’m going to do that because I’m not really an ax-wielding kind of woman, but I have the best neighbours and I got to borrow their wood chopping machine. It took just two hours to chop and pile everything (with a little help from the said neighbour), so now I’m really done with the to-do’s this year. Let’s see if visit the cabin a bit more often this winter now that I have a lot of firewood for heating the cabin!

In the afternoon I did a hike around my favourite lake, Måns-Erstjärnen. It was almost calm but not quite, but in the end it didn’t matter because it was also very overcast so the reflections wouldn’t have been so special anyway. I very nearly made the whole trip without even taking out the camera, but my favourite spot never fails and I got a few frames. Nothing to shout about but just some snaps for documentation purposes if nothing else. Digital souvenirs.

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