Finally summer

I spent the weekend at the cabin. I wanted to try out something and didn’t bring a computer with me, just to see if I would miss it or not. Turns out, I didn’t miss it at all – in fact, I wouldn’t have had time to switch it on anyway. I had a big hike planned for Saturday but the weather forecast was threatening with thunder all day, because it has been so warm. Yes finally, the summer has arrived to the mountains… it’s been really lousy, my neighbours told me that some nights the temperature dipped close to zero and most of the days have been cool and windy. But no such worries now, and I figured that the biggest risk for thunder would be in the afternoon so I had to leave in the morning to do my hike.

And warm it was. I was sweating buckets while walking up to Kappruskaftet. Luckily not so many mosquitoes around any more, so I didn’t need to cover myself which would have made the heat unbearable. Once on the tundra, there was just a little bit of breeze which helped, and I really enjoyed the hike. You don’t get days like this too often!

My route took me over Kappruskaftet and down to Anådalen. I needed to check the creek down there, the ford in particular. I need to get over the creek so I can one day ascend Blåstöten but I really don’t know how this creek is considered to be passable. While it’s not deep and the water is flowing slowly, the rocks are covered in slimy algae which makes it extremely difficult to hold balance. With my super-high reactivity, all alarm bells were sounding off. Nope, it’s plan B for Blåstöten (luckily I have both plan B and C so I will get to Blåstöten one of these days).

Hot and not so sunny in the afternoon

From Anådalen I went up to Kappruet from the ”backside”. It’s very easy hiking, especially now that the ground is very dry so even the small patches of mires were easy to cross. But when I was on top, I heard thunder and suddenly the mountaintop was not such a great place to be. I saw the dark clouds in the distance in the north so I wasn’t immediately worried, but then as I was going down I heard the thunder rolling behind me as well, and now I was decidedly concerned. It wasn’t only the mountain, but there was also the wide open expanse of Kappruskaftet to get across before I would be in the safety of the forest.

As it turned out, the thunder clouds were moving very slowly so I made it down to the lake and was able to cross the delta (another wide open space) without even getting rained on. Only when I was driving back to the cabin did the raining start and it poured down for two minutes and then it was all sunshine again.

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