Dry river

Last week I found a nice spot opposite from Mon. Meaning that while I’ve been on the river shore in Mon, I’ve seen a small cape (I think the correct term is ”point”) on the other side. I finally got around to visiting it last week and I was impressed, not so much by the point itself but the low waterline which allowed me to explore the shore. I only had a macro lens with me then, so I immediately made plans to come again with a wideangle – and that was today. I was stunned to find how the place had changed, the waters had receded so much that I didn’t even need rubber boots (last week I would have needed them). So the nice place had become a great place, and I had lots of fun walking around and framing this or that field of rocks and puddles.

river floor
A week ago I had to wade through water here

When I was leaving, I made a great discovery – I saw that the water was low enough to reveal a land bridge to the island off Mon. For a year I’ve been trying to find a way there, but the water has been too high. Until now. I’m going tomorrow!

River shore
Notice the big bird foot prints in the sand?

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