New light

What a surprise. After exhausting my energy yesterday, I felt downright lethargic today. I spent most of the day sitting on the sofa, wondering occasionally if I should try to do something useful. But what the heck, it’s my day off. If I want to sit down and do nothing, then should just do it and not feel guilty. But all good things come to end, and so in the afternoon I packed my bag and got out. My original plan was to go to Kappruet, but there was quite a lot of wind and clouds so I didn’t think that it would work out. Thankfully, I always have a reserve plan – Fiskhålsgraven. I was very determined not to get up to the ravine this weekend, because it seems like I end up there every time I’m at the cabin. But when my first plan fails, Fiskhålsgraven is very accessible and it always gives me something.

Hello, I haven’t seen you before!

Technically, I didn’t actually go to the ravine… I was maybe about 50m from it at closest. It’s the area around it that is just as interesting as the ravine itself. At first I was getting some dejá vu feelings when every birch I pointed my camera at somehow seemed familiar. Then suddenly I found this little twisted fellow I had never seen before. And walking back, I was looking at a row of birches that I am absolutely sure that I have been to before, but they just didn’t invoke the dejá vu feeling. Then I realised it was the light… the sun had briefly come out and as it was shining on these birches, making the place brand new in my eyes. That is literally a case of seeing things in new light and it renewed my faith in Fiskhålsgraven. There’s always something up there, because the light will never be exactly the same it was before.

Not such a bad place, for a reserve plan!

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