Landscape shooting again

It feels like it’s forever since I did any proper landscape shooting. But today, things sure turned around. Everything is green by now so all the spots that I have been thinking about are good to go. Or not. Not everything turns out quite like you expected… so I found today that some spots that I had scouted earlier in the spring are not quite as easy to shoot as I thought. But it doesn’t matter, if one place doesn’t work then the next one will.

Birch forest in Mon
Birch forest in Mon

Yesterday evening I drove to the spot which I found last Sunday. The embankment isn’t any easier to go down when wearing a heavy backpack but I made it, all the while wishing that I had brought some rope with me. If you think that I’m exaggerating, feel free to try it. Go down without holding any tree trunks for support and I promise I’ll be ready to dial 112 after you’ve dived down to the rocks below. Anyway, light is always problematic by the river because you almost never get it from any optimal direction. If you want soft light, you have very small window of opportunity in the early evening, just when the light is turning nice but before the sun has gone behind the trees, which will shade the shore you’re on (when you’re on the Föne side of the river). The 500m stretch that I walked, almost half of it was shaded by 7pm. So shooting the river is a bit of a challenge, all these nice places that I find but I really don’t know how to make them work out photographically. But, it’s nice to have some challenges, right?

Water levels are going down, revealing rocky shores

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