Macro universe

I told you I would get the comet! The Pan-STARRS comet is higher up in the sky and moving north so now I can actually see it from my kitchen window. Since I have failed to find it so many times already, I sat in the kitchen with lights out and binoculars glued to my face and I finally spotted the darn snowball! Then I used my macro lens to shoot it, anything shorter than that would be too short and longer than that would give me nasty star trails so I used a ”digital zoom” and cropped the picture to half. I got away with a 3.2 sec exposure, f2.8 @ ISO 2500 and ended up with a black picture with a lot of dots and two smudges. The smudge on the left is the Andromeda galaxy and the smudge on the right is the comet. Mission accomplished!

The galaxy and the comet
The galaxy and the comet

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