It’s November. No pictures, no updates. Just waiting for the snow to transform the landscape.

All I’ve achieved is to move the bird feeder setup so it’s now close to the small porch at the back of my house. I can spread the camo net across the porch and sit behind it, which seems to calm down the birds. It’s not completely hiding me, but at least I’m not standing out in the open. The only problem is that the background is horrible. It’s sufficiently blurred, but it doesn’t help when it’s just leafless bush which comes out in yucky brown hues in the picture.

What else.. hmm my dear Qashqai sprung a leak. Literally. The fuel was just dripping off, I could almost see the fuel gauge move when I drove. I think I lost over 10 litres, driving a stretch of 40+ km. Took the car to service and they found it was nothing worse than a loose fuel hose so I got my car back the same day. What a relief it was to drive home and look at the fuel gauge and see it… not move. At all. I love my Qashqai!

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