Suddenly moose

I noticed a few days ago that I had some Eurasian tree sparrows visiting the feeder. While the bird is not uncommon, it was just very nice to see a new species come by. Naturally, my goal for today was to get a picture of one. As it turned out, getting a picture of one wasn’t hard, but getting a good picture was impossible. The behavior pattern of these birds is to go straight for the food and even when they didn’t do that, they would perch on ugly things, like the rack where the food is hanging or this plank where the nice perch is attached, as illustrated by the blue tit. So the tree sparrow is work in progress, with a little patience I hope I will get a good one. For now, at least I have a new species in my catalogue.

While I was shooting the birds, I occasionally glanced down the field because I think there’s half a chance of seeing the roe deer or the fox while I’m standing behind my camouflage net. I didn’t see either, but to my astonishment I saw three moose running in the lower field, towards the village. I had just switched the camera to vertical position (typical!) so I could only get two of the moose in one frame (cow and a calf, the second calf is behind these) and when I had switched back to horizontal, the cow had already disappeared so I only got both of the calves in the second frame. But at least I got to document it. I’m just jealous for those who live in the middle of the village where these moose were heading, must’ve been an experience to see them up close!

Eurasian tree sparrow
Eurasian tree sparrow
Blue tit
Blue tit on the better perch
Moose running towards the village

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