A visit to Järvzoo today. Weather was good for photography, overcast, a little bit too dark in some of the forested enclosures but that’s always the case. Better than contrasty sunlight anyway. Took a load of pictures and I realised, even as I was shooting, that I’m not really creating anything special. Same old animals, same old poses. I have them all. Funny thing is, I don’t mind. I just kept shooting. I often say, it’s not the goal that’s important, it’s the journey there. I like Järvzoo, I like watching the animals, I like taking pictures. It’s great to get great picture but it’s not a disaster not to get one. I will keep trying and one day I will get it. An action picture that’s not blurred. A lynx picture that’s actually any good. A wolverine that’s not underexposed. A fox picture (period).

Came home, uploaded pictures on computer, deleted 97.5% of them. The journey continues.

 bear cubs
Third time I’ve seen the bear cubs, third time they’re playing
wolf enclosure
Little less playing at the wolf enclosure

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