I very nearly didn’t bother to take out the camera today, but in the evening when I saw that the sun was still shining, I finally bothered to lift my butt off the couch. The sun sets so early these days… it’s more and more obvious now that we’re heading for the dark season.

Waterlily pads
Waterlily pads

I was surprised to see a rainbow against a blue sky. There was just a tiny cloud which obviously was producing some rain drops for the rainbow to form but it didn’t really look like it was raining anywhere.

But the nicest thing I found on this evening walk was a bunch of lily pads on a calm lake Fönesjö with the clouds reflected on the water. Just goes on to show that it’s worth doing these walks, even when the only thing I really want to do is to sit on the couch and watch Die Hard. All four of them.

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