The morning was rainy so I took it easy (lazy) at the cabin. The weather forecast said that it would clear up in the afternoon and sure enough it did, so I took off to Kappruskaftet. It’s fast becoming a favourite place for me and I was looking forward to exploring it in the evening light.

I was happily zigzagging the mire and found one nice thing after another but admittedly, I wasn’t creating any great pictures… I was a little bit stressed for time because the sun was heading down behind the Kappruet fell which would cast a shadow across the area where I was at. And then, just when I found another fabulous mountain birch, the light disappeared. Not behind the mountain, but behind a massive cloud and I had some doubts that the sun would come out again.

Mountain birch
My beautiful birch shot under a cloud with Kappruet in the background

Then I found this really nice pine root and I was actually grateful for the cloud because the contrasty light would’ve made it hard to shoot. I continued to explore the place and turned around towards that birch of mine when it looked like the sun might actually come out again. So I stood there with a nice composition ahead me, waiting, and then finally the light happened! The only problem was, I was standing in full sunlight but the birch in front of me wasn’t. The sun had just dipped behind the mountain!


Having thus missed the best subject twice in a row, I started walking back. I wasn’t disappointed as such, because this visit only confirmed that Kappruskaftet is now my #1 favourite place in Messlingen. I found some subjects I couldn’t make use of on this visit and since I only explored a small part of the place, I know that there’s still more to be found. So you better bet that I will get back there and sooner or later I will catch that birch in the good light!

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