I don’t know what’s going on but I have this great itch to photograph right now. I would just love to go somewhere and shoot shoot shoot… One week from now, I have a vacation and I’m going to the cabin and this year there will be some autumn colours. I think that’s what this itch is about… I want to go there and do some hiking.

Just to calm down my trigger finger temporarily, I set out today to check some new locations. The map said there’s a tarn surrounded by some wetland so that’s where I drove, and yes it is a tarn surrounded by a ring of mire. I can’t even describe how good it felt to step out there and smell the mire (yes the mires have a very distinct smell, but I think it’s a very pleasant) and hear the sloshing of the boots sinking in the wet moss!


Then I drove to Hovrahällarna which is upstream Ljusnan from Färila, didn’t find the place particularly interesting but then again, I was on the wrong side of the river. The embankment is high and steep and covered with trees so when you’re standing on top you can only catch some glimpses of the water below and when you slip and slide your way down to the water, the view isn’t that good anyway.

But since I was already driving around, I checked out one more spot and to my delight, found a trail going down to the river. There’s a long island in the middle of the river so what you see in the picture is obviously just the narrow passage between the river and the embankment while the main course of the river is on the other side of the island (Ljusnan is about 100m wide on average here).

* * *

Another thing that is increasing my eagerness to photograph is the thought of Canon releasing a new SLR soon. I had been hoping for a follow-up to 7D but considering the very recent firmware update, it’s unlikely that it will happen. Then I read that there could be a follow-up to 60D that would bring the x0D series back to the same level where my 40D is (60D took it down a notch in 7D’s favour). But the latest rumour is that the new camera will be a full frame, except smaller and cheaper than the 5D. To be honest, I really want to have a new camera. I had already my mind set on a crop sensor camera, but I might just be desperate enough to get a full frame, I mean assuming that this new Canon body will be FF. I haven’t sold either the Tokina 16-28mm or the Canon 24-105mm lenses so I have the gear I need for FF anyway. Except for telephoto maybe, but since it seems like the camera will have at least 20 MP then I can crop the pictures and pretend I’m using 300mm on a crop sensor camera.

Just to make it even more crazy, I’m thinking about converting the 40D to infrared when I get the new body.

Or I guess maybe I just need new toys, that’s all there is to it…

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