Cabin weekend

Somehow I totally managed to mess up my holiday planning for the summer so that I didn’t have any chance to drive to the cabin just for the weekend, until now. It’s a 3.5 hr drive so it’s not a good idea to drive in on Saturday morning and back on Sunday evening, there would be hardly any time for any recreation. So I’m thinking next year I might take a Friday off occasionally to have a 3-day weekend. But this time I took off work just an hour earlier and was at the cabin in time for evening tea.

Wall and ferns
Wall and ferns

After a cool summer, it’s nice to have some warm temperatures in August. Even up here in the mountains, it’s a pleasant 15 degrees which got me sweating while I was working my way up the mountain, and freezing once I was on top. The mountain being Flatruet in this case, I wanted to explore the Fiskhålsgraven ravine ”upstream” as I found earlier in the summer that there are some interesting rock formations way up on the plateau.

Mountain birches
Mountain birches are always interesting

The cough I mentioned in the last post is happily almost gone. But just about the same day when I noticed it had disappeared, I started having joint pains and noticed that my ankles are swollen. Going from one ailment to next… I just can’t get a break! Anyway, the pain isn’t as bad now as it was a couple of days ago, and while I was walking around in the tundra I almost forgot about it. The mountain air is soothing for the soul… I’m happy I came here, even if it’s just a short weekend.

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