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Last night when I checked the weather forecast, it said it would be part sunny with chance of showers. So I woke up with high expectations, was met with grey skies and during breakfast, rain. Ok then, showers started earlier than I anticipated. I packed my gear and drove to Rockvallen, knowing that it would be much greener there now than last week. It was, but it was also much rainier. By the time I was walking up, the clouds were drifting down the mountainside so the top cabin wasn’t visible any more.

Wolf's bane bud
Wolf’s bane bud

I made a valiant effort to photograph but it was just too much rain even for the rain guard on the camera. So I came up with plan B, have a cup of coffee in the top cabin and wait for the rain to pass. It was really nice to sit there by the fireplace and feel dry and warm and cosy, but there’s only so much coffee I can drink and the rain didn’t show any signs of letting go. I spoke with the girl in the kitchen (not surprisingly, I was the only guest) and she said that it will rain up to 30mm today. Ok, so not a shower then.

As I was walking down, I had a look around to find something to shoot and sure enough, it was looking really good. But too much is too much, the rain made it impossible to set up gear without risking to get the camera soaking wet, so I gave up.

Plan C: go home. Vacation over.

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