Earlier I said that I was feeling some fatigue towards the end of my vacation. I assumed it was because I had pushed my body to beyond what it’s capable of, but I shouldn’t have been so hard on myself – I was already fighting an infection by then. In fact, it had started about half way into my vacation, my back was aching. I assumed that was because my bed in the cabin is harder than the bed at home. But nope.

So last Monday at work, my back was really aching. On Tuesday, I realised that it wasn’t the back as such, it was my kidneys. Off to the ER, I got penicillin. Then on Tuesday night, I started freezing. I was lying in the bed with three blankets on me, and I froze. And froze. But no fever. Really weird. So I took some pain killers for that, and after throwing off the blankets, I was still sweating.

Flower in my garden
Flower in my garden. Shot on Sunday.

Since then, I’ve been freezing on and off. I’ve been sweating on and off. My back is aching on and off.

And just to add insult to injury, my airways are dry which means that I can only take shallow breaths and I have this irritating cough which sounds like I’m just faking it. I wish. If it were that, I could stop it. I don’t get it. It’s not the first time my airways are doing this but after it’s been raining almost every day for the past week…? And coincidentally, just when I have a kidney related infection? But sure enough, I tried breathing the moist air from my humidifier and it was instant relief. Problem is that I can’t go around carrying the humidifier all the time…

So now I have one week to recover from all of this. Then I’m going to Finland, and being sick is just not an option.

Sorry for the long medical journal. But I’m feeling pretty miserable by now. I’m not sick as such (not like when having a cold or something) but this is anything but beneficial to such activities as photography. Or walking, for that matter. I keep thinking that this is a prime flower season and I should be looking for them, but my health has taken the priority. I just want to get rid of these… whatever.

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