Where the colour is

I was going to hike to one of the ravines today but then I got a call from some members of the camera club who are on an annual excursion in Funäsdalen. Since I’ve been alone for over a week, I was only too happy to get some company so I abandoned the ravine and drove to Funäs to join the club (pun intended, even if I’m already a member). We then headed to Norway, the plan was to see the Syldammen dam and Nedalshytta. Unfortunately the weather turned to the worse almost as soon as we were in Norway, but something else happened as well – the birches had leaves! Unbelievable. As we were driving towards Nedalshytta, the colours were a little bit on and off. Some forests were bare but some still had some colour.


It was very windy and drizzly at Syldammen, not very easy to shoot with the Tokina wideangle with a protruding front element which is impossible to protect from the water drops flying around so I wasn’t getting anything done. Then we drove to Nedalshytta and sat down for coffee and waffles. Coffee was excellent, I drank too much of it… waffles were ok, but can’t hold a candle to the ones at Djupdalsvallen. It was nice to sit there anyway, talking about cameras and waiting for the weather to turn, which it should’ve done according to the forecast. But there wasn’t even a hint of the sun so we headed out anyway and followed a creek upstream where we had seen a big waterfall from the road. Turns out that we were on the wrong side of the creek so our hike was cut short when we came across another creek that was flowing into the one we were following, impossible to cross. Note to self: follow the creek on the left side to get to the waterfall…

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