New old place

There’s this lake I pass every day on the way to work (and back). I always check what it looks like, and many times it looks really nice. In the morning it can be mirror calm with some mist. In the evening the small island in the middle of the lake can be glorious in backlight. A few times I’ve stopped by the lake but I’ve never ventured further from the parking lot. For the past six years, I’ve more or less managed to ignore the potential. But yesterday I finally took a little bit of time to follow the shoreline and it only confirmed what I’ve seen from the road when driving by. It is a nice place and shame on me for not exploring it before! The conditions weren’t perfect yesterday but I got a few shots, and vowed to get back some other time. Not sure when, but I won’t wait for six years in any case…

Island in the mist
Island in the mist

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