I had an ”off” day today. I thought I would get a delivery today but I didn’t, so that was morning wasted. In the afternoon I took some of the garbage left by the builders to the recycling station in Ljusnedal, which then left me the rest of the afternoon free with no plans for it. I decided to explore the area around the viewpoint on the road between Funäsdalen and Mittådalen and try to spend enough time doing it so I could catch the sunset there. This turned out to be a great decision, because I found a lot of nice spots. A part of this area is spoiled by the powerlines and snowmobile trail markings but I found a few spots where those could be hidden from the composition, and then when I continued further north (not venturing very far from the road) I got away from those distractions and compositions were even easier. Not that I took very many pictures for obvious reasons, but I did make a note to come back here under some other circumstances.

Things you can find when you’re just aimlessly walking around

So sometimes it helps not to have a plan and just aimlessly walk around. This is one of my favourite roads in Sweden and I’ve driven it countless of times and I’ve stopped at the viewpoint almost half the time and taken a lot of pictures from it. But never before have I actually explored the area… shame on me!

And the sunset? Didn’t happen. Sun disappeared behind the clouds long before and didn’t show up again. More time for me to have my evening tea then.

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