Chasing rainbows

It was great weather on Monday evening. I was looking through the bus window towards a dark cloud behind me, and sunlight in front. An amazing sight and I knew the rainbow would be somewhere there, so I half ran home from the bus, grabbed the camera and drove out. I had to stop at every possible spot, because I didn’t know how long the rainbow would last. Didn’t want to risk it fade away while I was driving to the best spot (when I didn’t even know where that spot was). Unfortunately another bank of clouds had materialised in the west, so the sun was obscured again. After chasing that rainbow for a while, the clouds started to disappear in all directions and it was a nice evening in the end. And then I found my best spot, but by then of course the rainbow was but a memory.

I noticed a weird phenomenon in the clouds, I haven’t been able to find an explanation yet. There were some kind of rays radiating out from the horizon… in the east. Light rays coming from the direction of the sun is nothing new, but this was perfectly the opposite. You can see the rays in the second picture, if anyone can explain them to me I would appreciate!

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