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It’s another sunny day in mountains. We decided to head to Mittåkläppen and explore the cliffs which have a rich flora with a good chance of finding some rarities, although I mostly interested in finding some ferns up there. I was really happy when I found one that I hadn’t seen before, obviously I couldn’t identify it on the spot (I didn’t want to add the weight of a flora guide in my bag) so I just took enough pictures to ID it later. But then… I found another fern. And a third one! The pictures may be just snapshots, but the important thing is that I’m making progress with these plants.

Wolf's bane
Wolf’s bane

Time flies when you’re photographing plants in varying light and windy conditions (=wait, wait, wait) so we got back down with just a few minutes to spare so we could have a waffle at Djupdalsvallen (deja vu – didn’t I just make it in a nick of time a few days ago?). But down here, the wind wasn’t as bad and the light was nice and we were happy to continue photography, nothing special but just walk around and follow the brook and see if anything nice catches the eye. It was really good for me, a relaxing afternoon that finally had me shooting some common flowers that I’ve been thinking about shooting for days (or years) but never do because ”I’ll take the next one”.

Alpine bistort (Bistorta vivipara)
Alpine bistort (Bistorta vivipara) with the brook in the background (highlights in the water)

We continued photography until sunset. We checked out a couple of locations near Messlingen but in the end we drove up to Flatruet to see if the evening sky would be interesting. The cloud cover was a little bit too thick in the west but as we were standing up there with cameras at the ready, a herd of reindeer ran by us.

It’s rare that I keep on shooting from morning to sunset, so it was nice for a chance. Thank you for the company Mr S.!

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