Ever since January when I agreed to put together an exhibition, I’ve been in pains to select the images to use. I decided to go with my blog name, and then tried to select the quietest pictures of the bunch to represent the style that’s closest to my heart. But now it’s all done, the pictures are hanging on the walls and the exhibit opens tomorrow! I must admit I’m a little bit nervous, it’s my first real exhibition and the lack of self-confidence I was suffering from during my younger years is rearing its ugly head. By ”real exhibtion” I mean the kind where you actually care about how you present the pictures… the one I had in Loos a few years feels really sloppy in comparison. Maybe it was fine for our small village, but if there’s one thing that I’ve learned now is that if you’re going to present your best work, then the work deserves nothing less than the best presentation you can give it. Pinning unframed pictures to mobile walls is not it!


So I hope I’ll get at least a few visitors so it’s not going to be completely embarrassing to stand there. It’s going to be nice weather in any case so I hope it will be a nice day all around!

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