Very windy on Saturday but I had planned to drive to Funäsdalen anyway so it was fine. I did some shopping; got myself a new backpack again! My quest to find the perfect photo hiking pack, part 7.

Back at the cabin, did some more cleaning and cleared out some junk, so now it’s starting to look like a liveable place. Just needs a lot of furniture. I also discovered that I have no talent whatsoever as a DIY handy(wo)man, I even fail with the simplest things like setting up blinds on a window. But it sort of worked anyway, the important thing is that it blocks the light in the bedroom, I’ll fix the rest later…

In the evening when the wind wasn’t so bad any more, I did a small hike. I wasn’t planning to go to the Fiskhålsgraven ravine, but somehow I ended up there anyway. On the way up I followed the little brook with its many small waterfalls but the sunlight made it difficult to shoot in the forest for all the contrast. Not that there were so many opportunities, the brook is still a litte bit flooded and it desperately needs some greens for decoration.

Up at the ravine, I saw the sun bathe the cliffs in warm evening light, and the light also reached a birch inside the ravine. Just the perfect opportunity so I set up the tripod and got ready to shoot – and a cloud appeared. Well, the wind is still brisk, so it will blow away the cloud soon, right? Wrong. Somehow the cloud was morphing on the spot so instead of moving away, it just simply stayed there and blocked the sun. Extremely frustrating, because it was just about the only cloud in the sky at all! I have seen this phenomenon before, I guess you have to be a photographer waiting for the light to notice that half the time the clouds morph instead of move. But I waited, and then waited some more, all the while knowing that the more I waited the less chance I had that the light would still reach the birch inside the ravine, with what the sun going down. And then finally, I had an opportunity that probably lasted all of 10 seconds, and took my picture. Sure enough, only the tip of the birch was lit at this point so that was an opportunity lost.

Long time waiting and cold fingers

Then I set up the kit on a new spot. And waited some more. I think all in all I waited about half an hour, all because of one small cloud that just kept changing its shape in front of the sun! But I got my second picture at last and and the cloud looked like it would be dissipating, but I didn’t care any more. My fingers were numb with cold, I had heard on the radio that it has been a very warm day elsewhere in Sweden but it sure wasn’t warm up there.

On the way down, I noticed that the cloud was gone. It never blew away, just morphed itself out of existence.

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