During my excursion yesterday, I found some potential motifs that I chose not to shoot but I felt deserved a second chance. They are really close to home so I didn’t even pack the bag, just took the camera and tripod (and a generous layer of mosquito deterrent) and had a closer look. Glad I did, because I had a really good time shooting the twinflowers and green-flowered wintergreens.


Next weekend I will be shooting flowers in the mountains. Just five working days left, and I have vacation! The other day I calculated that I have had 17 days of holiday (besides the bank holidays) since July 2009. Add a year-long stress about the cabin and some significant changes at work and I can honestly say that I need a vacation! Ok I hear you asking, why didn’t I take out more vacation… I tried to. I had a lot more scheduled last year, but then the cabin got delayed, and delayed some more, and I kept cancelling my holidays with every delay. Shooting myself in the foot, in other words. On the upside, now that I can use the cabin, I will be wanting to take out every day of vacation I can!

green-flowered wintergreen
My favourite wintergreen, the green-flowered wintergreen

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