I thought yesterday was a great day. Today was better! During my walk, it suddenly started snowing. A lot. I loved every second of it! And the walk which wasn’t supposed to be as long as the one yesterday just kind of got extended so I hiked 12 km through the snow and I was almost regretting I didn’t extend it further because the landscape and the trees in particular looked so nice.

Snow snow snow
Snow snow snow

I have a favourite spot every time there’s new snow, an old meadow with a barn and a forested hill in the background. Last year I noticed that the barn is barely visible behind the young birches that grow in front of it. And today when I was approaching the spot, I found myself surrounded by the birches! I’m sure I was here last year and the birches didn’t reach above my head. I didn’t even think there was this kind of a tunnel through them at all. They grow fast – I also found that the barn is no longer visible at all behind the birches. I need to find a new favourite spot!

I swear there wasn’t a forest here last year

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