Let’s see. Last Sunday was supposed to be sunny but it wasn’t. Then all week it has been sunny and calm, just simply gorgeous weather that I wasted in the office. And now it’s Saturday and it’s overcast and windy. I’m sure that the weather doesn’t read the calendar but this is just cruel.

Nuthatch with a sunflower seed

But at least I have the birds. No greenfinches anymore and it was a challenge to find anything else in the viewfinder than great tits. When the birds don’t have to queue to the food, they only stop on the branches for a fraction of a second so it was impossible to move the camera fast enough to get the bird in the picture. But some birds follow the same pattern and one nuthatch, I noticed that it would sometimes quickly stop at this spot before flying away with the loot. So I kept the camera pointed at the same spot and just waited… and waited… and finally the nuthatch stopped there! I think I had a generous full second to adjust the camera position, focus and shoot before it flew off. Thankfully the 300mm f4L is a fast lens! And the result is my best nuthatch picture yet. I know it’s not really good, but that just says more about my old nuthatch pictures than this new one. It is not an easy bird to photograph!

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