Fog and sun

When I came home yesterday, I realised that the morning fog had never dissipated during the day. It was sunny in Ljusdal but a few km before Loos the landscape was shrouded in fog, which made think that it could well be the same thing today. The fog is very sensitive to altitude and then of course the lakes and marshland have their own microclimate as well. So this morning when I saw it was foggy, I was torn between shooting the birds or shooting the foggy landscape. I decided to stay with the birds (as seen in the previous post), and if the fog would dissipate I would then have a sunny landscape to shoot in the afternoon, it sounded like a win-win situation.

A foggy tarn
A foggy tarn

It was still foggy in the afternoon but I was almost sure that there were different conditions if I would just drive out of Loos. Sure enough, already in Ryggskog it was sunny and then as I was driving towards Voxnan, the conditions were alternating between sun and fog.

After studying the satellite pictures, I had found a couple of waterfalls at Svartån that I hadn’t seen before so I wanted to see what they looked like in real life. The bonus with this plan was that I would park my car next to a small tarn which is very nice, if a bit difficult to photograph because the eastern side of the tarn is fouled by a de-forestrated area and in the summer I found that the rest of the tarn becomes difficult to shoot because it’s mostly backlit in the afternoon/evening. No backlight problems when it’s foggy!

A sunny tarn
A sunny tarn

And so it was that what was supposed to be a quick look turned into a three-hour photo session. At first it was foggy, then I made a side-trip to the big marsh north from the tarn and when I came back, it was sunny. So I walked around the tarn again!

small islands
I love those small islands

When I was finally done with the tarn, I was wondering if it was getting too late to venture into the forest and look for these new waterfalls I thought I might find in Svartån. But it was only a few hundred meters there so I might as well check it, if it was really good I could come back some other time. I found the waterfalls but they weren’t as nice as my favourite spot along Svartån. But if you never look for anything, you’ll never find anything. I was so happy about all the other pictures I had taken today that a disappointing waterfall hardly made a dent!

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