Cabin update #2

Having complained about my inability to take action, it will come as a surprise that my cabin project has taken a major leap forward – I signed the contract today! I found a contractor who will build the cabin for me, all I need to do myself is to furnish it when they’re done. Well, that and pay up. A lot. The money is just insane… I had absolutely no idea it would cost this much. I was under the happy illusion that I could get the cabin for half the money I’m paying. Oh, those blissful days of ignorance. But you know what? I don’t mind! Get this – they will build the cabin this year. This year! If they get all the permits in time and there are no nasty surprises on the way (like solid rock when they start digging in the grounds), then I might just be able to give myself a mountain cabin as a Christmas present. The best ever!

Can you believe it?

I sure can’t, and I have the contract in black and white. I’m elated and worried at the same time. Elated that the project is going ahead, and scared that I will get a rickety rackety shack with the wind howling in the corners. Time to take a leap of faith and trust them to deliver me a cabin that will last the rest of my life. That’s how long I will be paying for it, in any case!

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