Birds on bark

Windy today, so no fog. But overcast in the morning, so I photographed the birds, what else? Yesterday when I got some nice pictures of the more elusive birds, I started thinking that maybe I’ve exhausted the opportunities at my bird feeder. But never underestimate the birds. Instead of shooting the birds on the perch, I tried to catch them clinging to the pine bark. And then I noticed that the background in one particular spot was to die for so I carefully positioned the camera (the angle to get the background was very small) and then just waited for some birds. Any birds at all, I just wanted to use that background! When the nuthatch showed up, I couldn’t believe my luck. Granted, I had to do some serious photoshopping to get rid of an OOF blob in the foreground but this was one of those cases where I was more interested in the end result than how I achieved it. I know I recently posted a fairly similar nuthatch picture but this pose is better, it’s more of a typical nuthatch pose than in the previous effort.


Then at around noon the clouds cleared and it was bright and sunny. I just know that sunny conditions don’t work with the birds, so why I was standing there with the camera anyway I’ll never know… but I kept a watchful eye on the background so I would only use angles where it wasn’t a complete mess. But if you ever needed proof that overcast works better, just look at that nuthatch. Me happy!

Coal tit and a great tit
Coal tit and a great tit background

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