The rest of the weekend

It was a rainy and overcast day on Saturday, it didn’t clear up until right at sunset. Which gave me some nice clouds to shoot, it must be the first sunset I’ve caught since… since… apparently quite a long time.

Once for a change, I caught the sunset

Sunday morning on the other hand was as bright as it gets in September. Maybe the sunny weather made it easier for the birds to find food in the wild, because I didn’t have quite as many of them at the feeder as I did yesterday. And numbers is a good thing – if there’s only a few birds, they have enough space at the feeder so they don’t need to stop at any of the branches I’ve set up for photographic convenience. But as soon as the number of the birds increases, they’ll use my branches for queuing.

Greenfinch pose when the sky is overcast
The only picture I got with an even background when it was sunny. Black is a colour, right?

However, it was almost a moot point – shooting in sunlight just doesn’t quite work. Yes it’s nice to have a fast shutter speed and low ISO so I get sharp and noiseless pictures, but it’s impossible to get a nice background when some background trees are lit and some are shaded and the camera is barely able to contain both shadows and highlights. So it’s just a mess and a lot of luck is needed to get the bird to sit at a spot where the background at that particular moment is even. It was much more fun to take those noisy pictures yesterday!

Autumn reflections
Autumn reflections

The rest of the Sunday was supposed to be as sunny as the morning, but they got it oh so wrong. I had been looking forward to shooting beautiful autumn colours in warm sunlight, but got dreary overcast skies and dull light instead. On the other hand, we also got calm lakes for some sweet reflections and that wasn’t supposed to happen either!

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