Sunshine somewhere else

I had a couple of visitors today, one of them all the way from Spain. It would’ve been really nice to show some beautiful mountains to him, but the powers that be decided otherwise. It was raining, and if it wasn’t rain then it was drizzle. But the autumn colours are there, no matter the weather. So hopefully not a complete loss.

The ridge in the Mittån valley close to Mittåkläppen

Since great scenery was not to be had, the highlight of the day was the waffle at Djupdalsvallen. I love their waffles, I really do. A vacation wouldn’t be complete without one!

A little bit of light on Anåkroken

On the way home (or hostel), the miracle of light happened, even if it was very brief. Having been raining on all day, the cold wind was biting through me and it was a relief to see the light disappear so I could go inside to warm up!

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