One more peak

The highest mountain in the Gävleborg county is Stora Korpimäki (or Korpmägg because the Swedes can’t spell Finnish) at 711 m. It’s a forest covered peak and up on top the forest takes on some alpine characteristics, but the point is that it’s still forest. Which means that high as the peak is, your views are very limited and thus it’s taken me this long until I’ve finally visited the place. Been there, seen it, done that.

Reflection in the Flarksjön lake

On the way back we stopped at the Flarksjöberget nature reserve. I had high expectations about it but it didn’t deliver at all, that was my initial reaction anyway. Then I noticed the intense reflections in the water with the fluffy clouds in the sky and that was a whole different story. Although, you don’t need to be in a nature reserve to do this!

I had to create the image by stitching because my ”wideangle” wasn’t wide enough leave blue sky above the clouds and in the reflection. Just when I had started thinking that maybe I should get the Canon S95 compact instead of a real wideangle lens… but truthfully, even if I had had a wideangle I wouldn’t have had it with me on this trip. The small and light S95 on the other hand, I probably would’ve carried it instead of the SLR today and it has a 28mm wideangle. So I have to do some thinking again.

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