New favourite

I think I found a new favourite place. The same one I visited a week ago, except this time I followed the streak of marshland at the northern end of the lake to further explore the area. And now it was afternoon, which provides a more suitable light for this place than morning. It was a gorgeous day – nothing but blue skies. Which is of course not so exciting in a photo and then you can also add some wind so that I couldn’t use the water in the compositions, so all my pictures fall short of the experience. Having said that, I’m posting a panorama (cropped from one shot, it wasn’t worth a stitch) that highlights the problem with wideangles and polarisers shooting at a 90 degree angle from the sun. Intense blue sky on one side, and bland pale on the other! But at least it gives an overview of the lake and I will come back here, in calmer weather and with some nice puffy clouds in the sky.

Small lake
A new favourite, despite the wind and a clear blue sky

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