There’s nothing that can take my mind off things than photography. And I really need to take my mind off things. Too many things going wrong, I’m constantly stressed out and it’s starting to take its toll. But nothing to do about it, just wait and hope that everything will work out fine. And that’s all I’m gonna say about that.

small waterfall
A small waterfall on the side of the main falls of Högforsen

I spent some time at Högforsen, it’s really only photogenic during low water so you can jump around on the cliffs. It had been raining at night so the shaded cliffs were a bit slippery, but I managed without breaking my skull or equipment. The sun was coming out which was making the cliffs safe, but ruining my photo ops – I still haven’t learned how to deal with the sunny highlights on running water. But I had to take the pictures to chase away those bad thoughts, if only for a moment.

Next week it’s vacation and the mountains, and I know from experience that it will do a world of good for me!

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