Things in the forest

It’s so typical, the weekend when I would be free to go anywhere without worrying about work calling, I don’t have anywhere to go. I was hoping for some sunshine last evening but it never happened, so the day pretty much wasted away. It was an equally dull today, except for a little bit of sunshine which I actually didn’t need at all because I was out hunting mushrooms. It has rained a bit this week, so the mushrooms are popping up everywhere. The only problem was finding some photogenic individuals because nobody likes to look at rotten and maggot eaten ’shrooms.

Mushroom with nice texture
Mushroom with nice texture

I haven’t done any mushroom shooting in recent years, not sure why. Perhaps for the same reason that I never pick mushrooms – I just can’t identify them. If I ate anything I’d pick, I’d probably kill myself or at least knock out some internal organs. Anyway, I hate having unidentified things in my catalogue. I want to know every flower I shoot, every mountain, every lake, everything. I guess I’m a bit obsessive about names… so I’m very curious right now about two orchids I found in the forest. I know they’re orchids for sure, even when they withered. I just don’t know which ones when I can’t see the blooms. The first one had leaves like a common spotted orchid (it’s very rare around here, instead we have plenty of their close relative heath spotted orchid) and the second one could be a frog orchid (also very rare here), but I’m just not sure. And now I have to wait in suspense until next summer to find out!

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