Quiet weekend

After a couple of trips to the mountains with a lot of hiking, I was happy to take it easy this weekend. It was un-inspiring weather anyway, with a slight chance of evening sun and calm waters last night so I took the bike and pedalled down to the lake. There’s a nice little tarn next to the shooting range, they even set up a new picnic table this summer so it’s a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee in the peace and quiet – provided nobody’s there shooting, of course. But they never do that on a Saturday evening, so I got the place all for myself.

Quiet evening
Quiet evening, quiet light (and the horizon is NOT leaning even if it looks like it!)

I walked up and down the shore with camera in hand, ready for any ray of light through the extensive cloud coverage. I found a nice spot and to my amazement, the sun did come out a little bit! No spectacular light by any means, but better than nothing and it actually fits the mood of the day.

My favourite berry

I wasn’t all lazy all weekend though. I found a spot with lots of wild raspberries, it’s very close to home but for some reason nobody else seems to have discovered it because the raspberry bushes were unpicked, although the berries are ripe and sweet. This is in a place where the forest was cut a few years ago so the raspberries haven’t been there for long, I won’t tell anyone they’re there but I suspect that sooner or later they will find the spot. Loads and loads of wild raspberries…. easy pickings, quite literally!

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