Quiet pictures

I was reading the July issue of Outdoor Photography, there’s an interview with Joe Cornish who is one of the best landscape photographers in Britain. He has just released a new book, Scotland’s Mountains, and talks about the project and his photography in general. There’s a couple of really great quotes I picked up from this article:

— travelling didn’t make me take better pictures, just more varied pictures.

And thus he now does most of his photography at home in Britain. I came to the same conclusion a few years ago after my trip to Canada; I realised that the pictures I took there were not better than the pictures I take in Sweden. Just different, that’s all.

And then this one which really is close to my heart, when he was talking about his approach to his style of photography:

For Joe, it’s all about the subject speaking for itself. He explains, ’Scotland’s Mountains is the book I have done that, for me, most successfully accomplishes the task of being quiet. If you employ excessive colour saturation or desaturation, or too wide a lens – anything that draws attention to the photographic process – then, to me, it’s a distraction.’

Wow! So Joe Cornish wants to take quiet pictures. Me too!

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