I’m a member of the Ljusdal camera club (Ljusdals fotoklubb) and every year they make two excursions. For this spring excursion, it was my turn to be the guide. I decided to show them some of the nice places I found last year along the Voxnan river, so we started from Holmsjön and then made our way back and stopped at the Skalhålet ravine. I’ve only been there once and it was raining then, which made it difficult to move around on the lichen covered cliffs (very very slippery when wet). So I didn’t get any pictures that time, and I didn’t actually get many pictures this time either. But I got a picture, so at least I now have some documentation of the place. It’s just not very photogenic, but interesting enough to see. We don’t have a lot of ravines around here.

Old pine forest
Old pine forest

I had planned the excursion so that the last stop would be the Svansjöbäcken brook. Very simple reason – I figured that nobody will want to do the difficult hike down along the brook so everyone can leave when they want to, while I can stay as long as I want to! The weather was overcast and this was actually the first time I’ve been there in completely overcast weather. Otherwise it’s a difficult place during the day, because everything will be backlit. Normally you want to shoot running water looking upstream, and this means that you’ll have the sun on your face unless you get there early in the morning or late in the evening. The cliffs and forest surrounding the brook are also photogenic but somewhat difficult in sunny weather, so I could finally take some forest pictures today.

I think it was a good day out, I hope that the other club members enjoyed it! Although I must say they left a bit quickly from Svansjöbäcken… I think I should’ve warned them about the terrain, I didn’t think how difficult it will be for someone who is not used to it!

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