New layer

My cold is still keeping me at home, I’m not too sick not to work but I’m not well enough to travel to work and sit around other people all day either. So I’m working from home; nice to have that option. This morning when I woke up, the landscape had transformed – it looks like winter now! And no, I didn’t go walkabout to photograph anything, if I’m too sick to go to work then I’m too sick to go photograph, fair is fair. The picture is the scene I see from my living room window! At the moment it’s already raining, so the snow won’t last much longer. But it was a 13 cm layer this morning, a promise of things to come…

New snow
New snow

But oh how I need some fresh air, the outside looks so inviting even with the melting snow and fog. I’ve been cooped up in the flat since Tuesday, I’m going crazy!

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