August moon

Yesterday was full moon. Moonrise was just before sunset and there was a chance of clear skies – of course I had to try my luck with this first moon opportunity since last winter! The moon was rising in the east-south-east and after studying the map, I decided that my best chances were in Rullbo. My backup plan was simple; shoot from the bridge that crosses over Voxnan in Rullbo where the river widens into a lake and there are no big hills in the horizon. But I had two other sites which I hoped would work out, and I had reserved enough time to be able to check them both before moonrise. I was a little bit disappointed to find out that I couldn’t even get to my 1st choice location as the road was blocked by pile of sand and it would have been possible to drive around if I had had a 4WD so that dipping two wheels in the ditch wouldn’t have been an issue. Exactly what the pile of sand was doing there, I couldn’t quite figure out… but I turned back and drove to my 2nd choice location. That one turned out to be otherwise nice, but there wasn’t enough of open sky in the horizon so I wouldn’t have seen the moon until it was high up in the sky.

Full moon rising
Full moon rising

Which left me with the bridge in Rullbo, and it wasn’t actually half bad, there was this small island with some pines that I could use as a foreground. The only thing missing was the sunset light because the clouds were blocking it, but the important thing is that I had enough clear skies for the moonrise. Watching the moon appear behind the horizon is always an impressive sight!

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