Weather – June 2009

Up until the midsummer, June was very cold. We even had a frost night, which luckily didn’t seem to do too much damage to the plants, but it remains to be seen – some of the berries may have taken a beating. Then after midsummer when the weather turned, it got really warm and I missed four days of observations, so the average temperature given here is probably a degree or two cooler than would’ve been if I had the obs’s.

June 2009
Before the heat was turned on
* * *

Temperature (High): 25 °C
Temperature (Low): 5 °C
Temperature (Average): 14 °C

Barometer (High): 1026 mbar
Barometer (Low): 1002 mbar
Barometer (Avg): 1011 mbar

Total of sunny days: 1

Rain: 99 mm

Days with rain: 15

* * *

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